Roundels for Lexan

roundels for lexan platesRoundels are for connecting Lexan polycarbonate cover plates in various building construction and protection from the influence of atmospheric conditions. Lexan is usually used for covering large areas such as production facilities, gas stations, warehouse space, or residential buildings. Roundels provide reliable, sturdy and waterproof connection between the lexan panels. Roundel consists of a broad ring, rubber insulating ring, the cover part, place for screws and it's made of hard plastic with highest quality.

Rubber Rings for Roundels

rubber rings for roundelsRubber rings are an integral part of all roundels, and they are used for better grip during mount of lexan panels. They are made made of extremely high quality soft rubber with extra folds of the outer and inner sides. Excellent adhesion to the plastic wall of roundels and the surface of Lexan polycarbonate panels. In this way, rubber rings are helping in protection of the interior from all atmospheric agents, but also contributing the preservation of binding parts of the whole structure due to the better protection of the screws that connect the roundels with lexan panels.

Production Line

amplast plastic production Company Amplast doo always tries to keep up with modern trends and consumer demands. During the production of all our products we use only the original plastic raw materials of highest quality. Our molding machines are reliable and regularly maintained. We possess the necessary certificates for all our products. For many years we have exibited our products at various fairs in Serbia, and also cooperated with many companies and entrepreneurs from area of medicine, pharmacy, construction industry, beekeeping etc.