Plastic Pumps

plastic pumpPlastic pumps with the nozzles are manufactured in the standard sizes of 25ml. Thaty have broad usage purposes. Consist of a plastic bottle and spray with a transparent cover. Can be produced and delivered in a variety of colors. Sprayer is composed of several well-made moving parts that allow equal dispersion of content. Pumps are usually used for perfumes, propolis, as well as all other alcoholic liquids or oily solutions.

Plastic Pots / Jars

plastic jarPlastic pots that we offer are made in standard sizes of 50 ml. They are usually used for medical purposes for taking biological samples such as urine samples for further laboratory testing, but can be used for other purposes for the storage of different substances as users required. Made of fine plastic with screw cap, which prevents the leakage of their materials in the external environment, as well as stoping contamination of samples. Can be supplied as a sterile or non-sterile depending on their use.

New Products

new productIn addition to the existing products pallet, we always try to maintain the competitiveness of new products on the market. In relation to customer feedback, we are able to, through innovation and quality, adequately respond to market demands. Our manufacturing plant can deliver large quantities of different products at very low prices. By the improvement of our business over the years, we have gained trust and reputation with many satisfied clients from various fields, which is the guarantee of the quality of our products and services.