Plastic Bottles 10 ml

plastic bottle 10mlPlastic bottles that we product, are made with the highest quality raw materials and has wide practical value. Bottles with a standard volume of 10 ml, are certainly the most applied in packaging of different liquid contents. Most are used for packaging pharmaceutical products such as eye drops, nose drops, but also in beekeeping as propolis drops to boosting immunity. All plastic packaging can be delivered in non-sterile packs or sterile packing according to the request of the consumers.

Plastic Bottles 20 ml

plastic bottle 20mlPlastic packaging of 20ml also has broad application in medicine, pharmacy and beekeeping. Slightly larger volume of the bottles are commonly used for various medicinal preparations and other liquid contents based on chemical, plant, alcoholic or oily solutions. Can be produced in different colors depending on the requests and needs of customers. Screw caps and droppers were very precisely designed to prevent spillage of their contents into the surrounding environment.

Plastic Bottles 30 ml

plastic bottle 30mlPlastic bottles of 30ml in addition to pharmaceutical and medical use, may have technical applications in computer and printing industry. Color pigment used by inkjet printers are often packed in this plastic bottles. Because of the high quality materials of they are made, and micron-precision components, they are preventing casting out any valuable content. As an adition to their likeable look, a large color chart of which those bottles can be made, contributes to their further sales to end users.